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Our clients

For many years now, we have been advising small and medium-sized enterprises, 
freelancers and individuals, both locally and nationwide.

Our clients come from the following walks of life:

·  Antique trade

·  Bicycle dealership

·  Butchery shops

·  Construction business

·  Dental laboratory

·  Design

·  Driving schools

·  eCommerce

·  Facility management

·  Forwarding / transport companies

·  Gardening and landscaping

·  Hairdresser’s / Barber shops

·  Hotel and catering trade

·  Laundry

·  Maintenance services

·  Medical practice

·  Music production

·  Non-medical practitioners / 
   traditional healers

·  Packing stations

·  Plumbing services

·  Property management

·  Real estate agents

·  Real-estate partnerships

·  Retail trade (food/non-food)

·  Room planning / interior design &     

·  Scrap trade

·  Travel business

·  Wholesale (food/non-food)

Our international tax consultancy

is mainly focused on German branches/permanent establishments of international companies and investment in real estate in Germany. We also provide consulting and representation in cases of international inheritance in Germany.